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Please contact us if you'd like to volunteer at times other than a scheduled Work Weekend.

(760) 364-2069
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Volunteers Stay for FREE!
You deserve it for helping us out.

The second weekend of each month.

May 12-13 (Sat-Sun)
June 9-10 (Sat-Sun)
July 7-8 (Sat-Sun)
August 11-12 (Sat-Sun)
See Calendar for other events
Note: "Regular Visitors" are also welcome to come and relax -the usual fees will apply. Click here to make a reservation for Regular Visiting.

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Newcomers to Starland who volunteer at our Work Weekends are offered a complimentary Bright Star Membership. For more details, see Starland's memberships.

From sweeping and cleaning and light yard work
skilled duties...

We could use help with the following...
#1 Build a rock retaining wall -you need only gloves and strong back -we will show you how.
#2 Grade parts of the landscape to prevent "wash-outs" -involves shoveling dirt into a wheel barrow for transferring dirt. Includes part of task #1.
#3 Removing drywall from outdoor toilet enclosure to remodel -involves just removing the inside drywall with simple hand tools.
#4 Bundle up tree trimmings out by hot tub for trash pick-up.
#5 Prep and paint House Room -patch multiple holes, re-finish some areas and paint walls.

Some things we could use donated:
(new or used)
Interesting fabric/textiles tapestries paint
BLACK paint drywall -tools to go with that.   
A PROPANE POOL/SPA HEATER TO HEAT OUR TUB... the hot tub is down! We can also pay a little for the heater too. Just let us know.

If you'd like to help out anytime or even "call" a Work & Play Event into being, please contact us. Thanks!

You are welcome to arrive Friday afternoon, and stay through Sunday night. No fee for our volunteers and who will also be eligible for a complimentary Bright Star annual Membership, or a renewal to an existing Bright Star Membership.

Bring tools that might help you with the tasks you're interested in. Also bring a jacket or sweater, and the usual things to bring (see What to Bring).

We plan to clean up and move some heavy things! So we need "muscles" for our Work & Play Weekend. There are a number of tasks for "less-muscled" volunteers, too!

During the weekend, we'll offer all volunteers a tasty dinner, and hot tub use. Snack food, bottled water, soft drinks, coffee and tea, will be available to all who register and come to this Work & Play Weekend. Breakfast cereals, and other culinary "delights" are here, too. Let us know if you have special dietary needs, or food allergies.

Things we seek, from donors and volunteers:
NOTE: A lot of times we just need know-how. If you're an expert in a particular trade, but can't spend the time to do the work for us, just teach us how and show us how the work should be done professionally... any input would be extremely helpful for us and very much appreciated.

-- We need a plumbing expert to relocate our out-door washing machine before a freeze comes.
-- Electrical work; supply to cabins, in the house, and the RV area.
-- Paint; (consider buying the "rejects" at Home Depot for $5/gallon). We need all kinds and colors of paint (the brighter, the better), for both indoor and outdoor projects.
-- Refrigerators (must be "Energy Star" certified) any size.
            1) We have a $100-$200 budget for a USED ONE
            2) and also a $300 matching fund for a BRAND NEW "Energy Star" certified refrigerator.
Contact us, if you need further information.

Some on-going projects:
For the Muscular and Brawny...

2) Fencing;
          1) Our old fence has deteriorated/blown down and needs mending.
          1) New fencing to enclose the scrap material and storage area.

3) Move and clean-up behind the fence and Pine Cabin. This work requires gloves, and good work shoes, for safety. There are many heavy, oblong objects to move and place in a neat stack. We seek sorters and handlers!

4) Build a hinged cover over the septic tank. Simple carpentry skills needed.

5) Removal of Above-Ground Electric Conduit Behind Bunk Cabin

6) "Grunt" Work, to prepare for new underground conduit.

What to Bring:
, Water, Sleeping Bag, and a Pillow or other favorite bedding is all you really need to stay at Starland.
tent space and free indoor sleeping accommodations are available or you may choose to upgrade to one of our "private" cabin or trailer accommodations, available for an additional cost.
cold food storage and full cooking facilities also available. Some visitors may optionally enjoy communal meal prep and sharing.

Other stuff to bring:
A towel, toiletries, sun block, flashlight, appropriate clothes for warm or cold weather, and hiking boots. Also: massage oil, extra towels, musical instruments, art supplies, drag, whatever makes you happy. Bring some food for communal meals (as sometimes happens), a camera for memories.
AND... Bring a busload of friends! We enjoy the company of like-minded gay campers! Special discounts for groups of five or more!

You may extend your visit for an extra day or two, and we're available for Open Camping through the week, too! Ask about our weekly and monthly rates when you register.

Dogs are allowed, but please contact us in advance. See our Pet Policy.


Beautiful nights under the stars
Seasonal Campfires
-as permitted by the local Fire Dept.
Shady Picnic Garden
Hot Showers!
Heating & Air Conditioning
The Sun Room TV/Video Lounge
Parlor Games
"Lazy Lounging"
Arts and Crafts
Massage Tables
Cooking facilities
Cabin and other amenities available at additional cost.

Clothing Optional--wear as much or as little as you're comfortable with!

Communal Meal
Almost like Thanks Giving all over again.

"Movie Night"
The casual Movie Room

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